Review of The Professor’s Girl

The Professor’s Girl is a hot and steamy story by Harley Laroux on (Warning: It’s still in Beta and not fully edited, so there may be some grammar and spelling mistakes but they’re minimal from what I read.) It’s about a student, Lizbeth, who inadvertently has a night of hot BDSM sex at theContinue reading “Review of The Professor’s Girl”

Bring Out Your Inner Naughty Puppy

Not every puppy can be a good puppy. Naughty Puppy Collection brings together four stories of women in naughty situations wanting to be human puppies for their Masters. Including: *Teacher’s Pet: (A Teacher’s Pet Puppyplay Series Book 1) After a college coed receives a bad grade on a project, her professor proposes an unusual optionContinue reading “Bring Out Your Inner Naughty Puppy”

Book 2 – Teacher’s Pets

The sequel to Teacher’s Pet is now out. Emily is adjusting to her relationship with Professor Hart when her best friend, Ally, and roommate threatens to turn them in to the dean. When the professor suggests bringing Ally into their relationship, Emily wrestles with how she feels about not being her Master’s only puppy andContinue reading “Book 2 – Teacher’s Pets”