Read Bad Puppy for Your Pleasure

Scarlett has been Master Ethan’s puppy “Bella” for a long time, but not always an obedient one. She loves finding reasons to get punished while Master is always looking for ways to spice things up. Will she fall in line in time for his next surprise?

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A Day in the My Life as an Author

The last few weeks have been really interesting and challenging. Writing stories has been the easier part. I write every day, so I’m used to spending hours at the keyboard typing out my next story whether it’s about puppyplay, ponyplay, BDSM, or paranormal characters. Writing new books is the part of the process I love and I hope that it shows.

More challenging has been putting everything together to publish my erotica stories. There’s the formatting. I thought Kindle Create was a pain in the ass until I had to spend at least 4 hours today creating a format for my story published through Smashwords. The cover creation for Kindle e-books is very easy to do, but I was on my own for creating an appropriate cover to add to my Smashwords book.

The rest of my time is spent marketing. Right now I’m mostly using Twitter because Facebook doesn’t allow pen name accounts. I’m always looking for places to help get the word out.

If you enjoy my stories, please leave a review and drop me a line through email.

Alexis Furr

A Little More About My Writing

I decided to start trying to write erotica books for Kindle as a break from the fantasy novel I’ve been working on. I wrote my first story ever in Elementary School and by early High School I was writing collaborative stories with other people. As I got older, those stories began to involve sexual elements.

Most of my writings over the years have involved fantasy or paranormal elements such as dragons or shapeshifters. When I decided to start writing erotica, I chose puppyplay and ponyplay stories as I haven’t seen as many good ones around. I also wanted to include paranormal stories like the ones I used to write collaboratively.

Lately I’ve been thinking about expanding into more pure BDSM stories so that I can share more naughty, sexy short stories.

My Step-Brother’s New Puppy Was Published Today

My newest Romantic Erotica story was published today! Just in time for the Thanksgiving break.

When Harper stumbles across her brother’s puppyplay porn it awakens a yearning in her to be his lover and puppy. She just has to convince him that he wants her, too.

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Rose Moon Now Available

When a stranger helped her change her tire, Rose never imagined that it would lead to her learning that she was a wolf shifter and that she had two fated mates. Now she has to decide whether she wants one or both.

This is the first in the Rose Harem series. The stories have an incomplete HEA with the final HEA coming in the series finally.

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New Centaur Shifter/Ponyplay Story

Just released: The Centaur’s Pony.

When Rhia is chosen to go to the centaur shifter lands in exchange for protection of her home village, she has no idea what she’s getting into. She finds herself in a world where human females are treated as ponies, but her world changes again when the lead centaur, Nykos, takes an interest in her.

Read The Centaur’s Pony on Kindle now.

Contains explicit m/f and f/f sex with ponyplay and mild BDSM elements.

Book 2 – Teacher’s Pets

The sequel to Teacher’s Pet is now out. Emily is adjusting to her relationship with Professor Hart when her best friend, Ally, and roommate threatens to turn them in to the dean. When the professor suggests bringing Ally into their relationship, Emily wrestles with how she feels about not being her Master’s only puppy and learns just how much fun another puppy can be.

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