Third Sexy Centaur Ponyplay Story Now Out

If you can’t get enough hot centaur puppyplay you can find it in the third book of the Centaur’s Ponies Series. And if you haven’t read any of panty soaking series, you can find it in the Centaur’s Pony Collection.

In Belonging to the Centaurs, centaurs come every year to bring back unmarried women to serve as human ponies. Maiden Narina volunteers one day, not knowing fully what she’s getting into. Along the way she’ll encounter female grooms, human stallions, and centaurs all looking to show her the pleasures of her new home. Can she learn to be a proper pony?

The Centaur’s Pony Collection features Belonging to the Centaurs and two other steamy stories of women captured or chosen to go the centaur home to learn there place as human ponies.

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Writing Tips – Keeping Track of Your Work

A question I see often is how people keep track of their writing, whether it’s for a Work in Progress, or whether it’s ideas for the future. Before you can finish your work and post to Amazon Kindle, Smashwords, or your blog, you need a way to organize your thoughts whether you write fantasy, sci-fi, erotica, nonfiction, or any other genre. Even pantsers can benefit as it can help keep track of characters and ideas as they come to them.

Here are a couple of options that seem to work:

  1. Notebooks – The good old notebook. They’ve been around long before this internet thing became popular. They come in all different sizes, colors, and binding types and writers tend to collect them (whether they use them or not). I have more notebooks than I can count ranging from one with a wolf scene on it, to a beautiful leather bound notebook, to a plain old composition book. Even pages in a binder could work.

    There’s no one way to keep a notebook. You can write page after page as ideas come to you, or you could divide it into sections. Others keep different notebooks for different ideas or to separate out characters from plot outlines. Do what works for you.

    Hint: Keep a notebook by your bed for when you have a great idea in the middle of the night and don’t want to forget it by the nextmorning.
  2. Wordpad – Simple, but useful. Nothing fancy needed here to write down quick notes and different notes can be kept in different files. Just be sure to back up your work!
  3. Excel – Or similar programs can be useful. Different columns and rows can be used to keep track of characters and their traits or roles in the story. They can be used to keep track of what happens at certain points of the plot as well. Play around with it.
  4. Google Docs – One of my favorite options. Automatically saves and you can have it at your finger tips at different computers or even on your phone. I find the phone app very useful. You can even use Google Drive to keep track of files between multiple computers. You have a choice of a variety of files from plain word documents to spread sheets.
  5. One Note – This still comes with some Microsoft computers. Unfortunately I haven’t found a place to download it and I believe that Microsoft has discontinued supporting it and I have yet to find another free program that does the same. (I believe Scrivener can be useful for this, but I’ve never used it. If someone with experience wants to chime in, let me know and I’ll add a section.)

    If you happen to be lucky enough to have One Note on one or more computers it can be very useful. You can create “Sections” and “Pages” within the sections. You can nest Sections within other sections and Pages within other pages. I use the Sections to categorize my story types and other info and the Pages to keep track of stories, characters, plotlines, and whatever else.
  6. Computer/Google Doc Folders – Any time you create documents whether on your computer or in the cloud, it can be good to create folders to help separate stories, characters, etc. I create folders for my different types of stories and then nest folders for the individual stories within those folders. Of course you can keep narrowing down folders as needed.
  7. Your Phone Note App – If you’re caught off guard away from any pens and paper, your phone can be valuable. Just stick the note in your note app or email or text yourself and have your idea ready at your fingertips the next time you get to your notebook or computer.
  8. Other – Even a napkin can be useful in the right moment so long as you don’t lose it! For pantsers, scribbling in the corner of a page or writing a note in the computer page could work.

There are quite a variety of ways to keep track of your Works in Progress ranging from written by hand to typed into the computer or even your phone. Find your way to be ready when an idea strikes and keep accurate notes so you don’t have to go fishing back through your story for details.

New Year’s Resolution

Everyone keeps asking about New Year’s Resolutions. There’s the standard eating healthier, losing weight, etc. But what about writing and reading resolutions?

I’ve given mine some thought and besides continuing to write and put out sexy puppyplay, ponyplay, paranormal, and BDSM erotica stories, I’m also going to read and review at least one book a month from my fellow self-published and indie writers. I want to support my fellow writers this year and to read some awesome new books.

What about you? What’s your reading and writing resolution?

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Additions to the Teacher’s Pet Series

You can now get the third story in the Teacher’s Pet Puppyplay Erotica Series or you can get a collection of all three. Read the first two on Kindle Unlimited before you read the lastest.

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Emily is sad when her fellow “puppy” is going overseas for the summer, leaving Alexis alone to play with their Master, Professor Hart. But Professor Hart offers Emily to the chance to play with another teacher, Professor Young. Will she take it?

My Present to You

Everyone likes presents for the holidays. I wanted to reward my readers, old and new, with a free story.

Read A Puppy For Christmas: A New Puppyplay Erotica Story on Kindle as a free book tomorrow and Christmas as a present to you.

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Making Writing a Habit

One concern I hear a lot is that people want to write, but they can’t find the time. Life is busy and there’s an endless supply of distractions to keep us away from our beloved craft. How can you carve out time to write and make it an ingrained habit?

  1. Figure out what time of day works best for you – It’s not uncommon to have a time of day that works better for you whether because that’s all the time you have available or because that’s when your creative juices are flowing the best.
  2. Schedule blocks of time to write – Pencil it in. Mark it in your Google calendar. Write it on a note and pin it to your mirror.
  3. Get rid of distractions – Once you have a time, make the best use of that time. Shut off Twitter and Facebook. Put your phone on silent. Let everyone in the house know that you’re not to be interrupted. Turn on whatever music or background noise that works for you and get to working.
  4. Set goals – Goals help us feel like we’ve made progress and can lessen the feeling of being adrift at sea in our work. Feel free to vary your goals. Maybe a page or 500 words on a harder day, 1000 on a day you’re on a role. Even writing just a sentence can be a goal some days.
  5. Give yourself a break – Try to stick to your schedule, but don’t feel bad if you miss one day or a string of days. Sometimes you’ll just need a break. Just get back to your schedule as soon as possible.
  6. Take advantage of extra time to write – Take a few extra days off of work to catch up on writing and editing if you get the chance. Get up early or stay up late if that works for you. Some of my best writing has been done at 4am when a good idea struck.
  7. Work on something else – Struggling with your current WIP? Sometimes temporarily working on something different can get the creative juices flowing and jump start the desire to write again.
  8. Take time to read – This sounds counter-intuitive, but reading can help replenish creative energy and serve as a much needed break.
  9. Reward yourself – Writing is hard work and even when you love it, there are going to be days when it’s exhausting and frustrating. When you’re really struggling reward yourself with a good book, a nice dinner, or whatever works for you.

Writing doesn’t always come easy, but the results are well worth it. Find the time and circumstances that work for you and stick with it.

Review of The Professor’s Girl

The Professor’s Girl is a hot and steamy story by Harley Laroux on (Warning: It’s still in Beta and not fully edited, so there may be some grammar and spelling mistakes but they’re minimal from what I read.) It’s about a student, Lizbeth, who inadvertently has a night of hot BDSM sex at the hand of a man who turns out to be her professor. Despite themselves, they can’t keep their hands off each other, but their future together is endangered when Lizbeth’s ex discovers their secret and threatens to turn them in.

At 23 short chapters, The Professor’s Girl is a quick, but satisfying read. Laroux keeps up a quick pace that easily holds your attention. The sex and BDSM scenes are thorough, realistic, and very exciting. The ending is perfect.

I highly recommend you read The Professor’s Girl and support Laroux. I’d give it 5 stars if I had the option, though clicking the “vote for” button works as well. If you like it, don’t forget that click that button. 

Read The Professor’s Girl and other stories by Harley Laroux at Wattpad:

Bring Out Your Inner Naughty Puppy

Not every puppy can be a good puppy. Naughty Puppy Collection brings together four stories of women in naughty situations wanting to be human puppies for their Masters.


*Teacher’s Pet: (A Teacher’s Pet Puppyplay Series Book 1)

After a college coed receives a bad grade on a project, her professor proposes an unusual option for extra credit involving a night of puppy play

*Teacher’s Pets: (A Teacher’s Pet Puppyplay Series Book 2)
Ally, Emily’s best friend, has figured out about Emily’s relationship with Professor Hart and is threatening to turn them in. Emily wrestled with her feelings when the professor offers Ally the chance to join them in their puppy games.

*My Step-Brother’s New Puppy (Step-Brother’s Puppy Series Book 1)

When Harper stumbles across her brother’s puppyplay porn it awakens a yearning in her to be his lover and puppy. She just has to convince him that he wants her, too.

Bad Puppy: A Puppyplay Story
Scarlett isn’t always an obedient puppy for her Master, Ethan. Master has punishments and surprises up his sleeve to try to tame her. Can he transform her into an obedient puppy?

Join these sexy women as they learn to embrace their inner puppy side with The Naughty Puppy Collection.

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Why I Write Puppyplay and Ponyplay Erotica

People have been asking me to talk a little bit more about what puppyplay and ponyplay erotica means. I won’t claim to be an expert for everyone and the community at large because as always opinions and definitions vary, but to me it’s a way to capture the feeling of letting go of the concerns and trivialities of life and getting to a more primal simplistic headspace and I like to be able to share that feeling with my readers. Some people don’t combine petplay and sexuality, but the two fit well for me because during sex everything else in the world melts away.

Although many people in puppyplay depend on various forms of gear, most of my characters stick to the simple collar and leash because they are just learning about their puppy sides. Masks that look like puppy heads to tails and everything in between is available to help obtain that much desired puppy space.

Read my erotica stories on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited and Smashwords to get a better idea of what I’m talking about.

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Welcome to My Newly Updated Blog

My blog was looking pretty plain and needed some updating. After some work, I think it looks a lot better, especially the front page. I’m excited to keep reaching the puppyplay and ponyplay fans, but am also getting ready to release a toe curling BDSM story.

Have a look around my new erotica website for my Kindle and Smashwords books and let me know what you think.

P.S. let me know how the blue background looks.

Alexis Furr